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Everything You Need To Know About Instant Drug Testing

Drug testing is common among private and public institutions alike which is why many companies, schools, government agencies and other offices are conducting drug testing to make sure that the people around and drug free. If you want to submit for drug testing, you can do so in various methods available such as hair follicle test, urine test and panel quick tests. These ways are often used for lab-based drug testing because medical practitioners are more likely to determine drug positive patients in the best way possible.

There are two types of drug testing and these are lab-based drug testing and instant drug testing. Lab-based drug testing is typically used in applying for a job or getting a driver’s license but for those instances where the testing is urgent and fast results are necessary, instant drug testing is usually made.

Instant drug testing is the complete opposite of lab-based drug testing and they differ in so many ways because while lab-based drug testing takes a day or two to get the results, you can immediately know whether a person is using drugs in just a matter of minute with the use of instant drug testing. True to its name, you can really count on instant drug testing for faster results which makes it perfect for conducting surprise drug tests in schools and offices where it is needed to get the results fast.

In instant drug testing, you will have to urinate in a cup and a test card will be dipped in your urine by a qualified administrator. After less than five minutes, the result will usually come off but most administrators usually wait for about 5 to 8 minutes to make sure the results are accurate. The accuracy of instant drug testing is at 99%.

Because of instant drug testing, you don’t have to go to the laboratory anymore and wait for a day or two for your results because with this advanced drug test cards, you can easily get the results in just a matter of minutes. Many companies these days who would like to filter out those employees who are under the influence of drugs use this fast and easy remedy because it is for efficient as compared to all the other alternatives available. This is also preferable for those schools who are looking for fast and easy ways to determine who among their students are drug users because with instant drug testing, you can test several students at the same time and wouldn’t take that much effort to get the results.

But most courts do not accept instant drug test results as evidence. The reason for this is that the judicial system prefers the accuracy of lab-based drug tests. However, if you wish to start with instant drug test and proceed with lab-based test, you better choose split screening.

Split screening is where you can divide the samples for instant drug test and lab-based drug test. That way, you can make sure that your results are really accurate.

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