From an Old Watch to a Gorgeous Bracelet

From an Old Watch to a Gorgeous Bracelet

by: Janice Wee Tien Yong

What do you do when the straps of your watch come apart?
You could send it for repairs, or simply change the strap.
Or, you could transform that old watch into a stunning bracelet with gemstone beads.
That is exactly what I did with my old watch when it gave way.
The old strap was secured to the watch by 2 holes. One on each side of the watch face. That meant, I could attach my new strap through those holes.
I have a large collection of semi-precious gemstone beads which I use for jewelry making. Rather than using fishing line, I wanted something really strong to hold these precious stones together.
I had a pal who was a dentistry student. In her class, they used very strong stainless steel wires to make braces. She had more than enough wire for her work and could spare me some.
I cut that wire in 2. Each half was enough to go around my wrist. Then I slipped a wire through the hole on one end of the watch and doubled it up, so I could string 2 strands of beads through each half of that wire.
As my watch had a gold face, I chose tiger eyes and orange and yellow topaz for my watch bracelet. I strung the beads through the wire until I was pleased with the look. Then I secured the end of the wires onto a necklace clasp. I did the same with the other wire on the other hole on the other side of the watch and attached the wires to the other side of the necklace clasp.
All done, I had a gorgeous, unique, expensive looking watch to flaunt. No one knew it was from an old watch that would otherwise have been discarded.
You can do the same with an old watch. You can get some strong wires and pliers from a nearby hardware shop. If you see an old or hideous bracelet or necklace that is about to be discarded, just salvage the clasp. You can use these clasps for new watches, bracelets or necklaces. Just improvise with whatever you can find.
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Janice is the webmaster of and an avid do it yourself enthusiast. She made and sold jewelry as a student, from recycled materials and things that others would consider as trash. Note to webmaster. If you use this article, you must hyperlink all the urls. Thanks.

This article was posted on February 18, 2005