Nurturing the Women

Nurturing the Women

by: Ana Tampanna

Female friendships that work are relationships in which women help each other belong to themselves. – Louise Bernikow, AMONG WOMEN
A woman must have courage to become a mother, whether by natural means or through adoption. A woman who gives birth requires a copious amount of courage in order to get that big creature out of a womb through such a tiny tunnel and into the world. It seems strange that we give medals for courage to kill but not for the courage to give life. In addition to not being able to give birth, a man cannot nurse a child. Nor can he tell a woman’s story.
Women’s storytelling intrigues me the most when women share the humor of their mistakes, the witty resolution of their conflicts, the harrowing tales of their crises. An evening in the company of life-loving women equips me with surplus energy while renewing my own outlook.
Write down your stories. Keep a diary or a journal. Jot down events of your day, feelings aroused by life’s surprises, lessons learned from encounters with fellow travelers. List the unforgettable moments in your past when you made key decisions about life, your future survival tools? Save the humorous gifts that flavor your days.
Record it all, the good and the bad, the happy and the sad—all have value. Your past might provide comfort for others, encouragement to continue. Your insights bloom into a legacy to pass on to daughters, sisters, and mothers who follow. You can leave your legacy of humor and survival even to sons and brothers who have been touched by your own special music. Within you are stories of love and loss, waiting to be shared with a friend, a mother, a sister, a daughter, or your future self through your journal.
From The Womanly Art of Alligator Wrestling: Inspirational Stories for Outrageous Women Who Survive by their Wisdom and Wit, by Ana Tampanna.

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This article was posted on March 04, 2005