The Verdict Is In The Book Autopsied Existence

The Verdict Is In The Book Autopsied Existence

by: I. D. Smith

The Verdict On The New Novel Autopsied Existence (How a Second Chance in Life Outweighs the First) is in!
The new novel Autopsied Existence (How a Second Chance in Life Outweighs the First) has been coined as a back handed celebration of high morals/values (celibacy until marriage, self-respect, spirituality, respect for thy neighbor) and just downright clean living. When you open the novel you don’t know what to expect. The title exudes mystery. Well, surprise, there is some of that too. The novel is delivered in three parts.
Part One-is full of realistic everyday dysfunction. Dysfunction from the standpoint of male-female relationship, family dynamics ranging from parental overlooks to sibling rivalry, theft, murder and incestuous births. Yes, dysfunctional behavior that often plagues the nightly news. But hang on, it gets better. The characters either get their do or get done.
Part Two-throws the characters into awareness training. The shoe is on the other foot and as uncomfortable as it feels, they must make it through.
Part Three-brings it all together and the end result is restoration of old fashion morals and values. The stuff that makes for a great marriage, family members getting along or at least tolerating each other along with the respectful treatment of people already known and those newly acquainted. The end result wasn’t easy to get to and that is the message of this novel. Living right isn’t easy but the most unholy, uncaring, unspiritual person can accomplish such a goal.
Self-Help-At the back of the novel there are questions with suggestions on how to handle certain situations pertaining to special and everyday relationships. That section deems it self-help.
There’s More-The novel covers a lot of territory. Everyone will be entertained. After traveling through a not so nice tunnel, those with old fashioned morals and values will be delighted and celebrated. Many will remember what society was like before wardrobe malfunctions and over the top sexual behavior. Back when women (the real leaders of society) commanded, demanded and achieved respect. A society tons of people are wishing would return.
The author, I. D. Smith is pleased with what readers are saying sighting that receptivity of a message is often how that message is conveyed.
I.D. is a Therapist which places her in the position to be exposed to more than a share of not so nice behavior. This novel is a message to all that what goes around might come around sooner than expected.
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About The Author

I. D. Smith lives in Texas as a Therapist who takes great pride in assisting those who feel they need someone to help them sort out the details of their lives by setting goals and establishing methods to attain those goals. I. D. has taken many journeys through the fictional world by writing plays adaptive to the problem or occurrences each client might be concerned with. The goal of the ‘mini-plays’ is to establish an end result without irreversible harm. As an expansion of those plays, I. D. put the fictional pen to paper in a different format. The end result is The Third Child. After great receptivity of that debut novel, I. D. took to the forum again with Autopsied Existence (How a Second Chance in Life Outweighs the First) which was released in the Spring of 2005

This article was posted on April 07, 2005